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Error And Fault Codes Of Bosch Dryers

Error And Fault Codes Of Bosch Dryers

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Drying technology makes life easier for many housewives, and especially women living in apartments. If you are faced with a malfunction of the device, do not rush to call a master. You can solve the problem yourself if you find out the cause of the malfunction. The errors of the Bosch dryer will help.

The fault codes appear on the display and are deciphered in the instructions. But if the instruction is lost or you do not understand the manufacturer’s recommendations, then our article will answer all your questions.

Bosch dryer error codes. The appearance of the code on the display indicates a system failure. Sometimes this can be the result of an electronics malfunction. To avoid this, do this: 

Disconnect the machine for a few minutes from the mains. Start the work and look at the display. If the error is illuminated again, then the machine cannot be operated, the fault must be corrected.

F06 – Heating system malfunction. Carry out a complete system diagnosis. Replace the faulty components.

F08 – One of the machine’s sensors is broken. Inspect the sensors, their wiring and contacts. Install defective parts.

F09 – Drying does not work. What could have happened: The drying capacitor is clogged. Clean the condenser to remedy the problem. The condensate collecting vessel is full. In normal mode, the liquid is automatically drained through a hose. If this does not happen, clean the condensate container manually.

F09 – Drying does not work. What could have happened: The drying capacitor is clogged. Clean the condenser to remedy the problem. The condensate collecting vessel is full. In normal mode, the liquid is automatically drained through a hose. If this does not happen, clean the condensate container manually.

F10 – The program has failed. Repairs are best left to a specialist. He will check the control board, rewrite the memory if necessary.

F11, F12, F13 – All these codes indicate electronics problems. If the machine interrupts the program and F11 is displayed, then perform diagnostics and replace the power unit. When F12 is illuminated, dry the unit. Carry out the diagnostics for the flowing blow-dryer with F13.

Error And Fault Codes Of Bosch Dryers

F14 – Evaporation level regulator failed. Contact your service center to resolve the problem.

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In addition to the error codes, different malfunctions occur in Bosch machines. They can be identified simply by external signs. The automatic dryer San Diego is not working. Yesterday, the machine dried the laundry properly and today it does not start? There are several reasons for malfunctions:

  • Problems with the temperature sensor. It’s possible that the contacts have broken off or the part is faulty.
  • The temperature regulator is defective.
  • The engine is out of order. Mains voltage fluctuations cause the motor to burn out.
  • Failure of fuse or switch of the starter unit.

If parts and assemblies cannot be repaired, they must be replaced. There are additional causes of malfunction:

  • Terminals are oxidized. Hot steam and moisture causes condensation to settle on the terminals, resulting in oxidation. Try to clean and wipe them.
Error And Fault Codes Of Bosch Dryers

The condenser is overflowing. Nap dust settles on the condenser and prevents normal moisture waste and heat exchange, which consumes a lot of electricity. Clean the capacitor.

The hatch door is not tightly closed. The hatch is blocked not only mechanically but also electronically before starting work. If you do not hear a click when it closes, press the hatch door tighter. Check that there is power to the machine. Inspect the wiring, socket and plug.

Alternatively, you can plug another appliance into the socket to make sure it is working. Check the set mode to see if “Delayed start” is activated. If so, turn off the mode. The drum does not rotate. Technique turns on, program starts, but the drum does not work.

What’s wrong: the axis on which the drum is mounted is worn out; the capacitor of the electric motor has failed; the belt flew off or worn out; the engine burned out; the bearings were worn out. Worn components need replacing. To avoid such problems, specialists recommend:

Do not overload the drum. Load as much underwear as specified in the instructions. Be aware that wet items have a higher weight. If the machine is not designed for the amount of load, components will fail. Bearings and belt wear out quickly.

Distribute things evenly. Unbalance may cause the belt to break. If it slips off, all you have to do is put it back in place. If it breaks, it needs to be replaced.

Install a voltage stabilizer. Jumps in the mains will break the electronics, the motor, the board.

  • The dryer breaks the plugs when it’s running. Why is that happening?
  • The main board contacts are oxidized.
  • There are problems with the plug or the socket.
  • The heater is closed when water gets in.
  • Closes the motor winding.
  • The mains filter failed.
  • Software malfunction.
Error And Fault Codes Of Bosch Dryers

If one of the faults is detected, repair it. Set the machine power to prevent the technician from malfunctioning. Based on the figures, buy fuses 20% more than the power consumption. Before disassembling and repairing the machine, read the manufacturer’s instructions and tips. The information in this article is for reference only, if you have not encountered any repair of household appliances, it is better to contact a specialist.

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